Promitea is a online platform for your electronic procurement.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) helps with planning and communication between the purchaser and supplier. It analyzes their cooperation, lowers possible risks, and brings advantages to both sides.

e-Sourcing makes requests, projects, and auctions easier. Based on selected criteria it automatically, and in real time, evaluates the supplier’s bids.

With help from Purchase to Pay (P2P) you automate the operative purchasing process and lower costs.

Promitea handles it easily. You already have everything you need for working with the system.

The price / performance ratio is optimal. Return on investment is very quick.

“With the Promitea system, we achieve a simple way of making significant savings, from buying commodities up to construction projects.”Marco Pertl, Procurement Manager Continental Europe, OMV AG

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We prepare the Promitea system for you in a few hours. The Promitea system can work independently or may be integrated with the existing ERP system.

After a one-day course you’ll be able to start your first purchasing project and make your first savings. Our multilingual support team will help you during office hours. Our consultants are available for more complicated purchasing cases.

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For a 30 day period you can perform, without charge, an unlimited number of actual projects.

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SRM – Supplier Relationship Management

Supply Relationship Management (SRM) optimizes the flow of information between the purchaser and supplier. It starts by exchanging master data, and ends by integrating suppliers into your ecosystem.

   Master Data

Creating and managing the master data of your suppliers and products in the Promitea system are possible based on integration of different data sources.

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  Category Classification

For working with goods and service categories you can use standardized classification systems, such as eCl@ss, UNSPSC or others.

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Data Cleansing

Simple identification of redundant data and its removal.

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Material costs are sorted into different categories and provide the ideal basis for your purchase.

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Supplier Evalutation

Suppliers are evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively according to selected criteria, but also by different KPI.

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 Supplier Development

You can develop further cooperation with the suppliers up to the full process integration in all phases of the purchasing project, based on the exchanged information.

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Promitea covers all e-Sourcing step, from supplier qualification to reporting of the project results.


During RFI (Request for Information), you collect information about your potential suppliers, their products, and business conditions. Promitea automatically evaluates the results and transparently displays this information as a bases for the suppliers pre-qualification.

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During RFQ (Request for Quotation), qualified suppliers submit their bids. Promitea consolidates the data, evaluates all bids and automatically ranks them..

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E-Auction is an online negotiation with the suppliers that made it to the shortlist. You can choose from these auctions: English Reverse Auction, Japanese Reverse Auction or Dutch Reverse Auction.

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Results from the RFI, RFQ and auction phases are shown in standard reports, which are available to you and your suppliers.

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Purchase to Pay

Promitea optimizes the purchasing process from generating orders to checking invoices and releasing payments.


This includes a request for an order, releasing it, and the electronic transmission of the to the supplier.

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Provides information on the current delivery status, the acceptance of goods, and checks whether the delivered goods complies with the order.

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Checks the invoices of the supplier, compares them with the dispatch advice, and release the payment.

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Get an overview of all important data. You immediately detect any problem and can start a necessary corrective action immediately.

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The Promitea system combines individual methods to solve complex problems. Everything is done electronically and, to a large extent, automatically.


With the Promitea system you can run complex purchasing projects. It doesn’t matter how big your company is. We support companies of all sizes and even international groups.

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Central purchasing

With the Promitea system you can coordinate all purchasing projects with all your sub-organisations and use synergy to purchase centrally.

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With the Promitea system you can even sell in an auction format. You can also set up projects where you buy and sell at the same time.

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“With the Promitea system we saved 7% buying citric acid. Without this modern tool of e-Procurement we wouldn’t have been able to use the potential savings in the greatly transparent and competitive environment of our suppliers.”Sebastian Althaus, Head of procurement, Walter Rau Neusser Öl und Fett AG


Promitea can help in different departments of your company. Here are the most important:

Purchasing 4.0

Enter into the world of Industry 4.0. We’ll show you how!

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Process costs

It’s possible to reach savings of 20-80%!

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Purchasing price

With the Promitea system you can decrease your purchasing prices by 5-30%!

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You see results and evaluations at first glance!

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“Service means seeing everything through the eyes of the customer.”Axel Haitzer

Our consulting includes everything from basic logistics, through logistics topics related to IT (i.e. EDI), up to strategic topics like the organizational structure of logistics..

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Our experienced support team advises you in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Czech. Other languages are offered on request.

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“No one is born a master”.
The saying applies for purchasing too. Especially in the turbulent times of purchasing 4.0.

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