Only that which is good for the present, is good enough for the future.Marie Ebner-Eschenbach

While developing the Promitea system we take into account the acknowledged forecasted trends in purchasing development. Based on these, the purchase will be divided into two areas:

  • Complete digitization of commodity purchasing, which results in an algorithmic processes and deployment of “purchasing robots.”
  • Establishment of the creative purchasing project, which will be organized into groups, containing experts on marketing, R&D, production, logistics, and quality assurance. The purchase takes the role of moderator.

Promitea has already made a fairly long journey in the first area and wants to go further. The space which this opens allows an evolutionary path of the second area. This change of paradigm is already evident and will take more concrete forms. Promitea wants to develope the methodical basis of this change and, at the same time, the appropriate versatile tool.


What is history? Just a nail to hang my stories on.Alexandre Dumas the older

1985 The development of the Promitea company started by establishing the MLC Management, Communication und Logistig Systeme GmbH company. It was aimed at EDI and software development for complex logistics with, for example, of air cargo processes , distribution of goods, and ERP systems for different branches.

1996 The MLC company was partly taken over by Deutsche post, to stipulate development of new business opportunities in the field of eBusiness.

2000, The newly established eBusiness Holding of Deutsche Post completely took over Deutsche PostCom GmbH.

2001 e-integration — under the name Yacom Business Solution GmbH at that time — MBO started as MLC from Deutsche PostCom. It was focused on EDI-Providing and other communication in the B2B, for example, digitization of paper documents, VMI and e-Invoicing.

2011 The portfolio was expanded to e-Procurement.

2014 This cloud service development was greatly intensified by the partial e-integration participation on the developing company Apitea s.r.o (CZ).

2016 Esker S.A. (F) took over 100% of the e-integration EDI field. The e-Procurement field was carved out and divided to 20% Esker and 80% Dr. Frantisek Bumba. Under the new name, Promitea GmbH is focused on electronic procurement.


Dr. Frantisek Bumba is the majority stakeholder and managing director of the Promitea GmbH company. For the last 30 years he has been active as an entrepreneur.

In 1985 he established his first company, Management, Logistik und Communicatiom Systeme GmbH. It became a part of the eBusiness holding of Deutsche Post AG under the the name Deutsche PostCom GmbH. Here he was also the managing director.

In 2002 he established the e-integration GmbH company as a mangement buy out of the Deutsche PostCom GmbH company.

In 2016 e-integration merged with Esker A.S. and the Promitea GmbH has been founded, in which Frantisek Bumba is the majority shareholder and managing director.

Frantisek is an expert in the fields of IT and logistics. He has gathered vast experience in Siemens AG and A.T. Kearney Management Consultants. He had previously studied Mechanical Engineering at CVUT in Prague and accomplished doctorate studies at the University of Erlangen/Nurnberg in Operations Research and set up the basis of his further calling as an entrepreneur.