Procurement is more complex, faster, and more important than ever before and its significance is only going to grow. The Promitea system enriches the art of procurement and is the forward-looking answer to its today’s problems

Promitea supports different areas of your business


Take the first step towards purchasing 4.0, without risk and with quick return on investment. 

Purchasing Management

Speed up and simplify purchasing and gain space for solving complex purchasing problems.

Financial Management

Decrease material costs and optimize your costs structure with help from verified data.  


Automatic and complete archiving of all process steps ensures full process transparency.

Procurement 4.0

Your access to industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, the digital transformation, and similar concepts are often hyped in the media. But what is the real state of Procurement 4.0?

Statistical data shows that electronic procurement has tremendous potential. Electronic purchasing is used by less than 60% of large companies and only 30% of medium or small companies in Germany.

With the Promitea system you’ll introduce Procurement 4.0 without risk and in short time. You recieve a tool that optimizes the sphere of procurement, which represents 50% of the total costs of your company!

Procurement 4.0 can be a springboard for the strategic deployment of Industry 4.0.


Process cost

Potential savings of 20-80%

Many purchasing processes consists of number of manual steps and different ools: telephone, fax, email, and Excel, lengthy evaluations, manual comparisons, and time-draining negotiations. This is all very time consuming, limits the number of potential suppliers and obstructs the achievement of better negotiating results.

Promitea offers a way to dramatically decrease processing costs:

Master data of the suppliers and products are taken from a database
templates and data from existing projects can be used as basis for new projects
standardized processes simplify the course of the project
automatic bid comparison replaces manual processing of the data
communication with the supplier through chats contributes to open and quick resolution of problems.

Purchase prices

Decrease material costs by 5-30%!

The lowest purchasing price in the Promitea system is not necessarily the optimal ones. It’s primarily about the “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO). This considers beside the purchase prices additional sustainable criteria:

  • General Terms and
  • Conditions
  • Quality of the purchased product
  • Accuracy and completeness of the order
  • Risk factors
  • Market position of the supplier
  • Innovation ability of the supplier

These two concepts are the starting point for “Total Cost of Ownership”:

  • Continuous and objective evaluation of the supplier through a dynamic SRM process
  • Simultaneous consideration of the quantified criteria applied in the tenders

With Promitea system methodology you get not only short-term decreased prices, but also sustanably improved results. You also improve your relationship with your suppliers.


Purchasing comprises, on average, 60% of the company’s costs. The Promitea system allows you to use you investments as effectively as possible.

Promitea supports different controlling reports and analysis on different hierarchical levels:

  1. Results of individual projects are logged for purchasers and suppliers. They have a standard form, but they can be individualized by the project manager.

2. Cross-project evaluation involving

• Evaluation relating to product catgories
• Summary of evaluation including the entire purchasing area
• Evaluation and comparison of sub-organizations

By using the Business Intelligence tool you can create complex and multi-dimension reports and evaluations. This tool allows you to create dynamic and cross-functional evaluations and helps you generate the market price mirrors.