Queries, bidding as well as auctions simply and efficiently

Electronic support for the complete negotiation process in strategic purchasing. Autonomous, but integrative cloud solution for purchasing 4.0
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Discharge of routine tasks
  • Shorter process times
  • Process cost reduction
  • Assessment of bids according to many criteria
  • Improvement of the purchase price
  • Can be used within a few hours
  • Individually and flexibly adjustable

Information Request (RFI)

For the pre-qualification of new suppliers and their products, Promitea offers you the functional area RFI.
You define the information requirements and the project specification. The ability to transfer templates and data from previous projects makes your data entry easier.
You load any number of known vendors. You can add new potential suppliers from over 5 million company addresses. At the push of a button, you send your invitations to all defined suppliers.
Promitea automatically checks the responses for plausibility and completeness. The results are consolidated and periodised according to your rules.

Request For Quote (RFQ)

Promitea helps you prepare tenders. To this end, you will be offered tender documents or you have the possibility to re-use data from previous tenders.
You can add any document at the ‘Project’ or ‘Item’ level and request it from your supplier. For a complex assessment of the incoming bids, in addition to the prices, additional assessment criteria also can be defied. An internal messaging system is available for communication with the suppliers. The incoming bids are automatically evaluated.
In the final analysis, not only the cost of acquisition, but also the process costs are reduced.

The automatically generated price level for the purchaser


e-auctions are the most efficient negotiation methods. They lead to low purchase prices and create market transparency.
During the e-auctions not only the prices but also all the criteria relevant for you are evaluated.
You can evaluate the total bids or the “Cherry Picking” option.
Promitea offers different negotiation strategies:

– English Reverse Auction (ERA)
– Ticker auctions
– Japanese and Reverse Dutch Auction.

You choose the strategy that best suits your auction and achieve optimal results.
The online auction usually takes 30 minutes and can be extended as required.

Presentation of the bids in the auction in real time with graphical price


The results of RFI, RFQ and auction are summarized for your purchasing organization and for suppliers in logs and standard reports and distributed electronically. All system inputs from all parties are logged in the system.

The results and inputs are archived according to compliance rules and are used for evaluations in SRM.
Business Intelligence tools are available for further analysis of the results. With them, you can forecast future developments and carry out system-wide controlling evaluations, such as e-Spend.