With the purchase to pay you keep your order processes in view. From the beginning to the end.

You create your orders with electronic forms in a standard release workflow. You send your orders electronically and optimize your processing system.

The invoice processing system automatically checks the incoming invoices against your orders and the goods receipt and releases the invoice for payment. The results are summarized in the management dashboard and also displayed to your supplier in the P2P portal.

P2P simplifies your business processes. This saves you time and money and increases process transparency. Deviations from the results planned are detected and corrected in time. In addition to the short-term ROI, you get objective information for SRM and supplier negotiations.


Promitea replaces the paper-based order processing through an electronic process.
With the help of online forms, you can quickly and easily define purchase requisitions or use already processed orders as a template.
The order is released online, quickly, with minimum effort and revision and according compliant rules.
The electronic order is sent directly to the supplier and thus accelerates the delivery.


A supplier portal with the following functions is provided in Delivery:

  • Supplier information about a new order
  • Monitoring the process including delivery status
  • Possibility of intervention in the case of deviations from the sequence planned, in order to initiate corrective measures in good time
  • Processing of the goods receipt.

A controlled delivery is thereby ensured and documented.


The invoice check of the incoming supplier invoices is greatly simplified by the prior authorizations of the purchase orders. Invoices are compared with the corresponding order and the goods receipt. In the case of conformity, the accounts payable department does not have to wait for a payment release and can thus pay timely and utilize the discount terms. The bottom line is that the supplier is paid on time and the purchasing department is well positioned to negotiate favorable purchasing conditions in the future.


With the dashboards you have all important key figures in mind.
You recognize eventual bottlenecks as well as deviations early and can quickly start corrective actions.
You can easily access the information you need.
The dashboards are set up with standard key figures and can be used directly.
For special requirements, you can design your own dashboards with the user-friendly interface. This ensures that all users receives the information they need.