PROMITEA Purchasing

Queries, bidding as well as auctions simply and efficiently

Promitea focusses on the procurement of the categories, which have the following characteristics

  • the purchased goods can be precisely specified and have a considerable value
  • the goods are purchased in the competition of several suppliers
  • the purchasing process can be automated on the basis of the specification.

These criteria correspond to the leverage materials, which account for an average of more than 60% of a company’s total purchase. In this area, you can reduce the process costs by 20% and the material cost by 10-20% with Promitea. The saved procurement costs directly improve your profit one to one. Thus, you can achieve a double-digit profit improvement for the entire company.

Standard materials are usually purchased with catalog systems, which also reduce material cost, but their focus is on process cost savings. Promitea offers this method within the Purchase to Pay modul.

In order to purchase the strategic goods, organizational concepts are necessary, which are geared to the coordination of the intensive cooperation between the buyer and the supplier company. You can use Promitea to compare the market price level.

Bottleneck materials are to be negotiated individually.