Promitea optimizes your sales. Without tedious and time-consuming individual negotiations.

With Promitea, you can replace individual negotiations with efficient, web-based auctions. You want to auction single or multiple products at once? Just enter product data into the system, upload photos and technical documents as well as set the auction date.
By pressing a button, you invite all your customers. They can access your auction from anywhere. Your chances are increasing that all potential customers will be informed about your current offer and participate in the auction.

Areas of application for sales listings

  • Used Vehicles
  • Capital goods, e.g.
    • Agricultural machinery and equipment
    • Used machines from the production area
    • Construction machinery
  • Merchandise
    • Remaining stocks of all types
    • Surplus stocks
    • Sallout due to change of product
    • Returns
  • Recyclable goods
“During my visits to our members, the issue of how the cost of selling” treasures “can be reduced shortening its time standing around in the yard.. After all, the unsold cars cost money every day. “Sascha Ranz, Head of Sales & Mobility at APM AG. In a short time 1,000 vehicles have already been successfully auctioned.