We accompany you on the path to the implementation of your purchase 4.0!

We offer you the following services


We will gladly take over the entire execution of your purchase or sale projects, as well as parts thereof, e.g.

  • Search for suitable suppliers from Promitea’s own catalogs or publicly accessible databases
  • Pre-qualification of potential suppliers
    Specification of the goods and services to be purchased
  • Definition of nonmonetary criteria and their optimal combination

Our Promitea consultancy covers the following areas

  • Logistics in general, with over 30 years of consulting experience from IT-related topics such as EDI, to strategic topics such as logistics structure organization, with a view to the development of purchasing 4.0
  • Purchasing consulting from e-Spend to purchasing controlling
    Electronic purchasing processes from SRM systems to electronic auctions

In conjunction with our Cloud system Promitea, we offer you consulting on optimal promitea settings of the specific purchasing strategies, related to the methodology in general or product group-specific.


You can reach our support at

Phone +49 2102 479 107

Working days from 8:00 to 16:30.

Our experienced support staff will gladly help you in German, English and Czech. Other languages on request.

The support concerns

  • Help Desk (1st Level Support) to operating errors or general understanding questions. Our Help Desk is offered either as part of the annual usage fee or against a fixed amount per quarter period
  • Telephone consultation for optimum setting of the promitea parameters in the current purchasing project.
  • General advice on the phone or as a webinar

You can also attend our regular seminars online or in our office.


Procurement Training
We work together with Mr. Heinrich Orths in the field of training and consulting in strategic purchasing and e-donation, an experienced purchasing trainer with more than 30 years of experience in the top purchasing management of an international large corporation. He is the author of the following books:

Purchasing control as a management instrument, German Betriebswirte-Verlag.
Investment Management in Purchasing, Deutscher Betriebswirte-Verlag.
From customer orientation to supply management, Gabler Verlag.

And numerous specialist articles. In 2017, he offers the following seminars, trainings and workshops.

Counseling in the Promitea context

Mr. Orths also offers Promitea project support on site, e.g. Entry into Spend-Analysis, Controlling or Consulting for the configuration of tricky purchasing projects.